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Why Choose Us?

Because our clients rarely present us with one-dimensional problems. Foreclosure cases frequently call on our expertise in bankruptcy law. Defendants in criminal and credit-related cases are concerned with the implications of the outcome on their immigration status. And the issues in our family law practice range from sales of jointly held property, taxes and distribution of assets to restraining orders and criminal defense. Thus, when you are confronted with a complex legal issue, it makes sense to choose a firm that can advise you on ALL relevant aspects of your case.

Our law practices - Bankruptcy, Immigration, Foreclosure, LitigationTouchstone Law Firm, LLC is one of the most respected full-service firms in suburban Washington, DC.

We pride ourselves on setting the standard of excellence and providing well-researched, creative, competent legal adivce and consultancy to our clients.

We focus our practice in the areas of Bankruptcy, Immigration Law, Foreclosure Defense, Family Law, Criminal Law and Litigation and provide legal representation and advice in a wide range of areas to service our business and individual clients.

We provide affordable, quality legal services and personal attention and share a deep commitment to ensuring that our clients' interest is protected. Because we understand Maryland and federal laws so well, we can work with you to develop effective strategies and procedures to deal with the complex issues that face Maryland litigants.